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​"I went to see Jan  for help after several failed attempts to give up smoking..I did give up for 4yrs at one point...This time is different,10months down the line I don't have any cravings, which is great as my husband still smokes.​

I haven't turned into an anti-smoking bore either.  Smoking just isn't part of me or my lifestyle anymore, and my health and well being are so much better for it " Thankyou Jan

L.Wynn Jones

" I am a violinist studying at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of music and dance in London.  I went to Jan For help to work with some Tendonitus in my shoulder, we worked over Skype for a couple of sessions, the EFT technique that I learned to help with the shoulder problem also helped with my exam, for the first time since I was a young child I was able to enter the exam feeling, genuinely positive and excited about the exam..instead of my entire body feeling tight with fear.  I have no doubt that this will now be a process I will use before all of my exams..and any other areas of conflict in my life when they might arise too..I am very grateful".  Thankyou Jan

Christiana Cambell

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